11 Aug 2016

By Nancy Smallwood

SEO - or search engine optimisation - can be something of a mystery. What does it mean in practice, should your organisation be doing it, and how important are keywords?

If you have a website, you need people to find it. This means doing at least some basic SEO.

Search is a marketing channel and it's one of the most powerful because people search with an intention of buying or doing something. In fact, 81% of all internet journeys start with a search engine and Google and YouTube lead the charge.

There's a lot you can do with organic SEO (the type you don't have to pay-per-click for).

2 Aug 2016
Tobias Priscott

With access to investment finance and grant funding very competitive, it’s often hard for social enterprises to get the funding they need, to make the impact they want.

For this reason it's vital to plan applications carefully, as failed bids can snowball into rushed applications - perhaps the next one will give you the green light to make the impact you are so passionate about.

Social enterprises generate their own income through the services they provide, but many need financial support to achieve their social objectives. Therefore, having a strong fundraising strategy in place can go a long way in helping organisations expand their social provision and amplify their social impact.

20 May 2016
Jessica Rose

On Tuesday our workplace is closing early.  Staff, trainees and volunteers will be joining with other Bootstrap tenants and organisations we work with for an afternoon picnic on the roof.

It’s not that we’re not busy on Tuesday. We are! But we recognise the need to stop sometimes, get out of the office and make time to build our working relationships in a social way.

Relationships at work are some of the most significant in our lives and they can have a dramatic affect – positive and negative – on our mental health and wellbeing.

Picnic on the Roof banner with deckchairs
13 Mar 2016
Jessica Rose

How do you make the most of the social impact you generate and report on? This handy infographic is the ultimate guide.

Produced at Poached Creative by Jessica Rose and young designer Elizabeth Clayden, it was part of the #ampyourimpact campaign to share tips and examples of great practice.

Poached Creative sadly closed at the end of 2016 but we hope to continue to share the knowledge gained during its seven years under the banner of Co-relate.


20 Nov 2014
Jessica Rose

Make no mistake, marketing is hard work. It's  time consuming , it takes planning, and it takes tenacity. In the social sector, you've got twice as much to shout about but which do you put first, your products and services or your social value?