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17 Feb 2021
Jessica Rose

It must have been my second day in the job as Editor at NHS Employers, back in 2006, when I picked up the error. I was proofreading what was then known as NHS Workforce Bulletin, the go-to resource for NHS HR managers, and spotted the health communicator’s nightmare. An article about public health had an embarrassing typo – ‘pubic health’. “Well,” said my manager, delighted. “You’ve just proven the value of having an editor on board.”

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14 Dec 2020

Social media is the reliably intriguing problem child of digital communications. At a strategic level, we tweak our content (article or video? Stories or Reels?) to surf the ever-changing features and algorithms, while day-to-day we can be quickly sidetracked by the febrile drama of Facebook comments and Twitterstorms. 

Yet newsletters are the real workhorses of digital communications. Week in, week out, they welcome newcomers, engage existing members, and catalyse people’s relationship with your organisation. Provided you get the tone and frequency levels of your newsletters right, your audience numbers will grow and grow. 

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14 Nov 2020
Jessica Rose

Last month, in between lockdowns, We Read Book Club celebrated its first anniversary in person and on Zoom with guest author Leke Apena, author of ‘The Prophet Who Loved Her.

Founded by Thea Renee, the book club is a space for black and brown women to come together, read black and brown authors and talk about books and life. Thea started We Read back in 2019 with the idea of holding a regular social meet up with other women in the community, hosted in different people's homes. 

We Read group members
3 Nov 2020
Jessica Rose

It's November. We're about to go into a second lockdown and everyone is feeling a sense of foreboding. For those organisations that aren't in shutdown sectors, there's still the annual race to get reports published, campaigns launched and products online before Christmas. For individuals who are freelancing or running their own small businesses (SMEs) - whether this was something they were doing before the pandemic or something they've been pushed towards because of it - there's the fear that work won't come in, bills won't get paid and Christmas might as well be cancelled.

3 Sep 2020
Jessica Rose

Words matter. Today more than ever, what you say has the potential to reach and influence an incredibly wide audience. But there's also more noise than ever. How do you find your audience in the din? And when you do, how do you make sure that what you say will resonate with them?

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