27 Mar 2019
Jessica Rose

Co-relate is supporting climate action in Margate alongside Extinction Rebellion and Culture Declares Emergency because we have no doubt humans have precipitated a global environmental emergency that includes:

  • mass extinction of species
  • climate change and extreme weather
  • plastic pollution in our oceans and drinking water

just to name a few. We believe this calls for global action from organisations large and small, Governments and individuals. 

Any action we take will be non-violent and will seek to use creativity and co-creation to raise awareness of the issues and what people can do in response. 

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5 Dec 2018
Lizzie Sheppard

Co-relate teamed up once more with Margate Bookie for the Autumn 2018 Festival—what could be described as the most successful and friendliest lit yet!

The festival was a jam-packed three days of workshops, talks, and performances. What made the experience even more special was our team of enthusiastic and eager local volunteers. Co-relate always strives to make sure that each volunteer gets the most out their experience, fine tuning roles so that they are related to the future goals and aspirations of every individual. Of course volunteers also had free time to explore and participate themselves in between their shifts to really get the most out of chatting to experts and fellow writers and book lovers ...

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3 Apr 2018
Daisy Kelly-Granger

In March 2018 Co-relate creative practitioners Jessica Rose and Daisy Kelly-Granger collaborated with architect and graphic designer Jon Spencer to develop and lead a workshop with young people as part of the Margate Bookie and Prince’s Trust Poetry Journey in Margate. Jess, Daisy and Jon worked with participants to co-produce a zine for publication including the poems they had written on their Poetry Journey, teaching young people new skills in work planning, zine making, illustration and aesthetic design.


5 Jan 2018
Jessica Rose

Co-relate has a new base for 2018. We're now set up in Jess' new home in Cliftonville, Margate on the Kent coast. We'll still be in London for many of our projects but expect to see more of the seaside creeping into our posts.

We're looking forward to working with large and small local organisations including the Turner Contemporary and Margate Bookie and working out exactly what we can bring to our diverse, creative new community.

As always, we love to collaborate so if you have any ideas for projects where we'd be of value, please get in touch with Jess at [email protected]

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3 Oct 2017
Tobias Priscott

Students at Chobham Academy, who have been working with Co-relate and Creative & Cultural Skills, have launched their infographic on the creative industries in East London.

Representatives from BT Sport, London Legacy Corporation, University of East London, New City College and Mediorite, alongside staff from Chobham Academy attended the event on Thursday 28 October at Here East.

The infographic shows the students' research findings that 48% of young people at their school are interested in working in the creative industries and that one tech company is started in London every hour, meaning lots of exciting creative employment opportunities in the capital.