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plastic waste in water with text Single use is no use. #ChooseToReuse


15 Dec 2022
Simon Cole

Ever felt helpless? Ever wondered if your cash donations to causes like the war in Ukraine get through? Me too. But I've found a solution - and you can be part of it.


We’ve all felt some of the repercussions from the war in Ukraine at the moment, and there has been a herculean humanitarian effort from charities and organisations responding to the conflict. I was already doing some volunteering with refugees in London when I went to the Poland-Ukraine border. I wanted to lend a hand but also do some fact finding; I wanted to see things for myself and if I could be of use.

14 Dec 2022
Content Editor

Shops and restaurants in Thanet will be among the first groups supported to remove single-use plastic from their operations following Thanet District Council’s vote to work with group Plastic Free Thanet to make the isle a plastic free community.

At a full council meeting last week members voted unanimously in favour of supporting volunteer-run Plastic Free Thanet’s work reducing the flow of single-use plastic on to streets and beaches.

17 Nov 2022
Jessica Rose

What if there were businesses out there that were putting people and planet before profit: supporting people through the cost-of-living crisis, employing and empowering minority groups, reinvesting in their communities, tackling environmental issues and improving health and wellbeing?

You may not know it but you're probably buying products from them, getting fit and healthy with them, enjoying arts and culture with them and getting support or working with them on causes you care about right now.

There are now more than 100,000 social enterprises in the UK, contributing £60 billion to the economy and employing about two million people.

18 Oct 2022
Justin Brown

Sustainability in healthcare is particularly close to our hearts, and with 92% of the public supporting sustainable healthcare and 87% of staff behind the NHS Net Zero ambitions, it seems we’re not alone in this.

4 Jul 2022
Jessica Rose

Four years ago in July, my husband Dominic and I decided to try going plastic free for the month. From getting milk delivered in reusable glass bottles to switching to reusable coffee cups and water bottles, we haven't looked back.

We're lucky enough to live in Margate where we can buy a lot of things plastic free from the International Food Centre and the Grain Grocer, get our veg from Windmill Community Garden and take our reusable pint-sized tankards to the Sundeck. It's fair to say we're still going and I'd encourage everyone to try it - even just for Plastic Free July - to see how you can reduce the amount of single-use plastic in your life.

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