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30 Jun 2021
Jessica Rose

After more than four years working with organisations in Margate and London to listen to, involve and empower communities, Co-relate has officially become a Community Interest Company (CIC) regulated by the CIC Regulator.

Now with the full name Co-relate Communication CIC, we will continue to work for the benefit of the creative and cultural community here in Thanet, stepping up our efforts to work in partnership to increase creative opportunities for young people and community groups.

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19 Apr 2021
Carly Maling

What happens when you bring together a group of twenty-something year old creatives and ask them to run an event for Margate Bookie's literary festival in 2021? 

Lockdown has bought many challenges and the creative industry has been hit hard. For young people who are just trying to get established in the arts it's been a particularly tough struggle. This is why it became so important for us all to get involved in something creative during lockdown. We needed to be a part of something. Margate Bookie is giving us a chance to do this and gain something extra for the CV, to get us to where we want to be when this all blows over. 

29 Mar 2021
Tanya Royer

When I was seventeen years old, I moved away from home to go to university in Victoria, British Columbia. Like most students in their first year, I was young and naïve, with next to nothing in terms of life experience. The shift from adolescence to adulthood involves considerable turbulence, both internal and external, and I was right in the eye of that storm. But I had no idea what was going on.

One evening, a dear friend of my family’s invited me to have dinner with her. This woman was a friend of my parents, and had known me from infancy. My guess is that she had decided that, as I was far from home, it might be an idea to check in on me. She was a practising nurse and visual artist.

17 Feb 2021
Jessica Rose

It must have been my second day in the job as Editor at NHS Employers, back in 2006, when I picked up the error. I was proofreading what was then known as NHS Workforce Bulletin, the go-to resource for NHS HR managers, and spotted the health communicator’s nightmare. An article about public health had an embarrassing typo – ‘pubic health’. “Well,” said my manager, delighted. “You’ve just proven the value of having an editor on board.”

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14 Dec 2020

Social media is the reliably intriguing problem child of digital communications. At a strategic level, we tweak our content (article or video? Stories or Reels?) to surf the ever-changing features and algorithms, while day-to-day we can be quickly sidetracked by the febrile drama of Facebook comments and Twitterstorms. 

Yet newsletters are the real workhorses of digital communications. Week in, week out, they welcome newcomers, engage existing members, and catalyse people’s relationship with your organisation. Provided you get the tone and frequency levels of your newsletters right, your audience numbers will grow and grow. 

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