15 May 2017
Tobias Priscott

The creative industries is the fastest growth sector in the UK so it's increasingly important for young people to understand what creative skills employers are looking for.

At Co-relate, we're excited to be running a Creative Digital Careers pilot project to map East London's creative sector for the Creative and Cultural Skills Council. Working with a small group at Chobham Academy, we are helping year 10 students research the creative careers landscape in their local area to create an infographic on the creative industries.

27 Apr 2017
Jessica Rose

If you're in primary school today, there's a 65% chance that you will end up doing a job that does not yet exist.* The reason for this is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known (especially on social media) as 4IR. It's receiving unprecedented attention in the UK right now, as well as across the globe - here's why.

Technologies that have been bubbling away for decades and incrementally changing the way we live and work are now developing at speed, with fundamental consequences for our working and personal lives.

Slide from A Brave New World report with statistics
6 Apr 2017
Jessica Rose

We're in a period of interregnum Robert Phillips, co-founder of Jericho Chambers and author of Trust me, PR is Dead, told a conference last month. "The old is not yet dead and the new is yet to be born." He was speaking at Changeboard's Future Talent conference where business leaders from HR, resourcing and talent heard from speakers ranging from authors and academics to philosopher Alain de Botton and paralympic swimmer Lord Chris Holmes MBE. 

Margaret Heffernan
25 Mar 2017
Jessica Rose

Social impact is now everyone's business. Over the last few years it has become increasingly apparent to me that it's not just social enterprises that need to measure, report and communicate their social impact. The need to account for how donations, public money and, increasingly, commercial activities and spend contribute to communities is strong for commercial and reputational reasons.

From public

The Social Value Act has been an excellent catalyst for this. A report from Social Enterprise UK (SEUK), Procuring for Good, found that 33 per cent of councils are now routinely considering social value in their procurement and commissioning.

Cross-sector learning on social impact
20 Mar 2017
Jessica Rose

Since starting Co-relate just a few weeks ago I've been thinking a lot about brand, content and what Tobias and I stand for under this new banner.

Strangely, we started with an ending. The social enterprise communications agency I founded and ran for seven years, Poached Creative, was put into creditor's voluntary liquidation in November last year. I was made redundant alongside the four staff who had worked hard alongside me and many volunteers who had found their feet with us.

Footprints in sand