Why we're crowdsourcing with Chobham Academy

1 Jun 2017
Tobias Priscott

Students at Chobham Academy are crowdsourcing information from creative and cultural employers to find out about the opportunities available now and in the future within the creative industries in their area.

The project is part of East London's Creative Digital Careers pilot with New City College and the Creative and Cultural Skills Council.

Responding to their brief to create an infographic on the local creative careers landscape, the Year 10 students have chosen to research and identify creative skills and employment gaps in the Olympic boroughs. The students will use the information to ascertain what creative opportunities and pathways are available to young people in East London, and to find out what skills and attributes are needed to have a creative career.

The crowdsourcing campaign will feed into the information the students are also gathering by meeting local key employers, which include Theatre Royal Stratford East, BT Sport, University of East London and Stratford Circus.

The pilot will result in the publication and launch of the infographic, to share the students' industry knowledge with partners across education, the creative sector and the public. 

Can you help?

The students are asking the following questions:

  1. What's the best way for a young person to start a creative career?
  2. Which skills are key to working in the creative industries?
  3. What attributes do you look for in the people who work for your creative business?
  4. Are you a creative employer? What roles do you find hard to fill?
  5. Where to do see future jobs growth in the creative industry?

Please tweet your answers to @Corelateuk or @careerschobham using the hashtag #findthegaps or email us.


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