Co-relate launches writing and editing service

Co-relate launches writing and editing service

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3 Sep 2020

Words matter. Today more than ever, what you say has the potential to reach and influence an incredibly wide audience. But there's also more noise than ever. How do you find your audience in the din? And when you do, how do you make sure that what you say will resonate with them?

Co-relate is all about putting audiences first - it's something I've been working on all my working life. This started when I was a young journalist in Australia reporting on Aboriginal issues, healthcare and politics. When I moved to the UK I put these skills to work in charity communications. I've since communicated with everyone from people experiencing homelessness, unemployment or imprisonment to Fortune 100 CEOs, MPs and policymakers.

Understanding who your audiences are, what motivates them and how to engage with them for positive outcomes is essential for effective communication. And so, we're launching our writing and editing service.

This starts small, with my skills, and will also bring together complementary skills from other local (and semi-local) writers and editors so we can match your work with people who have the most relevant experience with your audiences. You'll hear more about the people who are joining me in the coming weeks and months.

For now, if you need to make sure your book, report, website, blog or social media content is hitting the right note, then please get in touch. Take a look at the new service and find out what to expect when you work with us.


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