Life's tough for creative people right now - here's a little help

Life's tough for creative people right now - here's a little help

The Walls Are In Our Heads exhibition
28 Apr 2020

Many in the arts and creative industries were already familiar with precarity, pre-Covid-19. It's next-level now; we're all in the same liminal space as we try to second guess when lockdown will end. What will be resumed and what won't?

While people in other sectors rush to see what is Zoom-able, we wonder where we're going next. Work may never be the same again. The one thing we can do is marshal our resources, take stock and tentatively put our best foot forward.

We are suddenly less geographically tied to where we used to work. Living in Thanet has, until now, meant a long commute for many, but now we’re experiencing the freedom and drawbacks of working from home.

Way before the mainstream lockdown, smart cookies were preparing and even isolating. Innovators look a bit further down the road. They read the signs and anticipate what's coming - and even influence that. In the hiatus, perhaps we ought all to be thinking not just tactically about this summer but envisioning where we want to be in future summers.

Reframe, re-source?

Below are some survival tools for today as well some inspiration to start thinking about whatever looms over the work horizon. There will be new opportunities created by new conditions and new attitudes to digital arts. If you’re looking for help or inspiration, here are a few links and avenues of support we’ve found.

South East Creatives are offering grants for up to 35% of the costs of developing your creative business. Find out what they fund and get help to apply.

Creative Folkestone have put together a comprehensive list of resources including links to local organisations but also the government's Universal Credit scheme.

Cockpit Theatre have created a range of links with some artist funding suggestions but also general support for the self-employed and/or creative folk.

The BBC has information for freelancers but also details of charity funds specifically for radio and TV freelancers.

Theatre-maker Bryony Kimmings has launched #GigAid and raised £30,000 just in March. This Stage article explains where artists can either donate or ask for help, depending on their needs.

Once we accept there are big changes afoot and that we're all equally unsure, we can focus on goals. We can process or even grieve what's gone then focus on our next destination. After all, we'll be the ones shaping this new era.

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